Integrating VR in to the DAD Video Art iOS Apps ?>

Integrating VR in to the DAD Video Art iOS Apps

Recently, matter integrated VR support with 360 degree video streaming in to one of our client’s apps, DAD. Working with virtual reality and the fine art space allows us to bring a fresh new perspective to the fine art world, and with their cooperation we are ready to deploy some of the most unique artistic experiences we’ve ever encountered.

So how did we do it?

We started with a build-out of our Ruby on Rails based system, Channel Point. This is a server-side system that allows us to stream HLS and progressive-download video from normal S3 buckets via Amazon Web Services. From here, we were able to upload high-resolution 360-degree videos that are run through a compression process powered by handbrake. This allows us to host and serve TVML for our Apple TV apps, as well as JSON APIs for the mobile apps.

On the client-side on iOS we worked with the Swift programming language and the Google Cardboard SDK. Installing the SDK with CocoaPods is a snap. It’s as simple as adding it to your Podfile, and running pod install.

After doing this, with just a few lines of code we were able to create a Cardboard-based VR view and load in our videos. This presents the user with a “select your viewer” view, offering a slew of options from the cardboard SDK.

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